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If you want to report an entire conversation, tap the report icon the flag icon in the Twitter iOS app , or click the More icon Choose Report Conversation, then follow the instructions. Note that when you report tweets or messages, they disappear from your timeline. So if you need to save any of them, you must do so beforehand, by copying their text, or by taking a screenshot.

You might want to do this to keep a record of what you've reported. These new procedures are a big improvement over what Twitter offered in the past, which was more or less nothing. I hope you won't need to report tweets or messages, but if you do, the process is relatively simple.


It remains to be seen how effective this will be, if Twitter will really take action. Follow IntegoSecurity. The Mac Security Blog.

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Search for: Common sense kicked in later and it was removed. If Steve Jobs was around he would not have allowed for it to be integrated. If you ever restore the OS, or buy a new Mac and setup as new, those accounts come back. So how do we delete them for real?

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As TallGuyGT has said, try the new password method. Although, don''t be surprised to see them reappear randomly when they want MacRumors attracts a broad audience of both consumers and professionals interested in the latest technologies and products.

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How to Delete All Emails from Mail in Mac OS X

With the release of iOS 11, Apple nixed its built-in integration with Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and Vimeo, a feature that allowed iPhone and iPad users to store their third-party account information and access it within apps that needed to use those services. While we wait for macOS Mojave to be released in the fall, this article shows you how to manually remove third-party accounts like Facebook from Macs running macOS Note that the following guide only deletes associated third-party accounts at the system level of your Mac — you'll still be able to access your Facebook account and related data by logging into Facebook.

Click the Internet Accounts preference pane. Click an account in the left column that you want to remove. Click the minus — button at the bottom of the column. Click OK in the "Are you sure..? You may be asked if you want to keep any contacts related to the account stored in your iCloud Contacts. To nuke those too, click Delete from Mac. Related Roundup: Top Rated Comments View all. TwIM also uses interactive notifications that make it easy to reply to a message from wherever you are on your iPhone.

If you prefer, though, you can tap a button in the notification to be taken straight to that TwIM conversation. Once in TwIM, you can peek and pop message threads from the recent conversations screen or use the feature to preview photos or other content.

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Swiping up after peeking at content gives you the option to share it with the system share sheet or delete the message, though deleting only deletes items in TwIM, not on Twitter itself. Swiping up on a photo gives you the additional option to save it.

Twitter is killing its terrible Mac app. Here are your options for replacing it. | Popular Science

It lets me dip into direct messages without getting distracted by my main Twitter feed or replies. Twitter has been shedding products rapidly in recent months, including its developer tool suite and Dashboard app. Perhaps we are slowly returning to the days when third-party developers were relied on by Twitter to innovate on its platform instead of being stifled by onerous API limits that locked out newcomers. TwIM has built a excellent messaging app on top of DMs that matches many of the features of other messaging apps in ways that go beyond the direct message functionality of Twitter clients.

I suspect TwIM will still face an uphill battle convincing people other than heavy direct message users to switch from entrenched messaging apps. However, if your contacts are already on Twitter and you feel constrained by the way direct messages are implemented in your favorite Twitter client, you should try TwIM. TwIM is available on the App Store as a free download. Club MacStories offers exclusive access to extra MacStories content , delivered every week; it's also a way to support us directly.

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