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Account and website. Community wishlist. About GOG. General discussion forum. Support Game technical issues. Sign in Sign in Create account Sign in. Hand-picking the best in gaming. Customer-first approach. Windows Vista. Have you tried to run it in XP or 98? And have you given it admin rights? KalDurenik Nope didnt help, in fact didnt even start up on Windows What settings do you run the game with? KalDurenik Everything high, except resolution which ive kept at x for now. Cenerune Follow Forum Posts: CDudu Follow Forum Posts: I think the problem is C2D. Try run the game with one 'core'. You can do this if i remember right with Task Manager.

Rickylee Follow Forum Posts: CDudu You should try a resolution mod and play at an higher res. Enjoy your mods ; If you have any doubts or ideas about this little tutorial, post them here. If you get a permission denied error, make sure you're logged in with an Administrator account. Im unable to get out. The head lets me but doesnt open? Unable to move ahead in the game Heya folks!

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It's most noticeable when I'm in the inventory or other non-action screens couldn't think of the word as the music is playing in the left channel and only buzzing is left in the right. Does anyone else have this problem, and do you know how to fix it? I know it's connected to the music because it goes away when I turn that slider down. Thanks so much for the help. Thought I would share this for those who like me downloaded the Mac App store version, saw the scary patch notes, and opted to wait for the patch to deploy before playing.

Given the App Store patch appears indefinitely delayed, and given encouragement from others, I gave the game a shot, and I'm pretty happy I did. First up - I made a conscious decision to pick a play through that would not use any of the new NPCs for the long-term party. This is because so much of the patch note refer to bugs with new characters in chapter 5. That said, I made the most of their content early in the game, before swapping them out for other NPCs, and there were no real issues other than with Dorn - who from my experience is still best ignored entirely for the moment others may have had more luck.

The most annoying aspect of the play through is permanent paranoia about the save-game reset bug. As we know is due to a memory leak, my strategy was simple - save and reload every couple of maps, or every couple of hours, just to be safe. This took the edge off some of the fun, but otherwise I had a relatively trouble free run through to the end of the game - which I finally completed this morning.

First time I ever completed SoA with a legitimate run, the only previous time being with a Paladin who exploited item-duping and the old drop-kit-on-import bug to hit BG2 with all 25 stats and a fistful of tomes for the NPCs, so I don't think that counts ; So yes, I had fun.

The Verdict

Yes, it was definitely worth the money to play BG2 natively on my Mac. And yes, the lack of patch took the edge of the game, but not enough to ruin it. I would recommend this game to others, unless you are planning cross-platform multi-player. Can I increase the frame rate, to make the game run faster? Like you can in the unEnhanced version. So I upgraded my computer to Mavericks didn't want to, had to, long story and now when I launch the game and try to load a previously saved game, they are all gone.

Any ideas on a: Where they are being stored and b: I'm really new to downloading mods and I just wanted to start simple and download the flirtpack but I just cannot figure this out. EE off the app store.

First I tried the mac version, but every time I click on the setup, it tells me I don't have the appropriate permissions when I'm logged on as the admin. Then I tried going through Weidu, following the instructions from here: TP2] not found. Make sure that you have unpacked the archive correctly and that you are not trying to run this file from inside an archive. Went to import a character It does appear that these files are still on my computer when I open the Baldur's Gate folder under Docs.

Why doesn't the game see them anymore? I had been playing BG: EE on However, tonight I upgraded to When I went to continue my Black Pits' journey, none of my saved games showed up; the same was with BG: I did check my files on my harddrive, though, and found all my saved games — for BP and BG: EE — and exported characters. The only thing is, none of the saved games are showing up in the game itself. Any ideas on how to solve this? I love this game, but I hate crashes, you know I'm experiencing constant crash in Abazigal's Lair. Giving the quest to Bondari to retrive an Eyestalk and of course bronze pantalettes always results in a crash X86 Native Parent Process: Mac OS X Dispatch queue: Calls made by other processes targeting this process: ReadOnly portion of Libraries: B03, 2 processors, Intel Core i5, 2.

Version 4. G Mouse Thunderbolt Bus: MacBook Pro, Apple Inc. I filed a support request through beamdog. It's been a week and there's been no response. The site still shows that the request is "awaiting assignment". Is anyone monitoring the requests? If that site is no longer being monitored why is it still up and accepting new requests? Unfortunately, the voice sets aren't the same. Now I know how to get the sound files from right-clicking on the app and selecting "Show Package Contents" but when I get to the sound files it only lists Male1 thru Male6 and not the default for a Male character.

And unlike in BG2, the default isn't the same as one of the other options. The default is the one that goes "Onward!

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Also, doesn't BG2 have a wider range of sounds? Will that affect it if I add a voice set that is smaller and doesn't go through m? I can't seem to find those files in the package contents on BGEE. Even as of the latest beta 1. Command-Tab does nothing. Neither does any shortcut assigned to move to the previous or the next Space. As a result, either one plays fullscreen, and shutting down the BG: EE application is the only way to get out, or one has to play inside a window.

The former makes it impossible to check a documentation or a walkthrough. The latter breaks immersion.

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Does iconv come as a standard part of OS X? Otherwise this is going to suuuck. I love this game. I've spent hundreds of hours playing it BUT I had to battle the slaves and slavemaster in Sendai's caves 6 times before I could save my progress. I could send you crash reports, but what's the point? I thought I would try to restart with a positive outlook, and play through the Black Pits campaign while waiting for the BG2 patch.

I'm afraid it did not help. First, it was not entirely obvious how to import my party from the end of the first back pits. Eventually I started a new BP2 game with the default party, skipped through the intro as fast as I could while trying not to read the story, just to create a quick-save so that I could see where to try to import my BP1 save.

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Copied my final BP1 save into this directory, and still no 'import' option. I tried loading this as a saved game, and instantly crash to desktop. So I give up on importing the game, and try to import the characters individually - but the 'import' button still cannot see my save, only the regular BG2 saves I have already imported for the main game. Finally, I reload BP1 and manually export each character file from the end-game save, copy those over into the BG2 characters folder, and finally manage to import each character.

So I head back to BP1 to try to dual him before import to make the most of the game - only BP1 crashes every time I try to dual-class at the end-game save. Not crash-to-desktop.

About This Game

The mouse still moves, but the keyboard is unresponsive, I cannot even close the game. My only recourse is to hold the power switch for 5 seconds to force a hard reboot. So we are back to BP1, transfer the kit to another character, remember to copy that exported character back to BG2 directory, and repeat the import process again. I skipped a few frustrating steps where I was learning all this, but all told after about 3 hours I finally have party I want to import into BP2.

Naturally, the first fight is rail-roared and I immediately lose all that kit I was so frustratedly trying to import accurately - but at least I am in the game. Finally, I can head over and loot the locked chests for my starting kit - oops, no I can't. That's OK, I'll use a key-binding? Nope, that won't work either.

Bug #34153

Darn - well as my emergency fall-back my Sorcerer actually did take Knock as a spell for emergency use. The game might run smoothly if I get my strongest fighter to repeatedly bash the chests with his bare hands, but I won't find out. It is time to retire and wait for the patch again. My only consolation is that I don't think these issues are unique to the Mac App store version - I believe these problems remain unaddressed on the other platforms too. I'm going to fall back to my original plan which is to come back in November, 1 year on from the release 23rd November.

I had hoped to have at least the first patch by then the one released to other platforms in the first week , but as the time till that anniversary is roughly half the time already given to public testing on the road to the BG 1. I got as far as downloading the program and putting it into the folder. I'll try to keep this top post updated with known issues and resolutions. System requirements: Currently, Beamdog is accepting pre-orders for BG: EE for OSX with preload in progress. The game will be available to play on February For more details, see www.

The entire "Baldur's Gate - Enhaced Edition" folder must be copied from the. If you try to run the Launcher from the.