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Batch process file naming has been slightly changed to avoid unexpected results. Statistics maximize button is back. Burst mode missing from list in now back. DKIM support for signing and authenticating messages. New auto-negotiation SSL option has been added to the security pull-down menu. The 'List-Unsubscribe' header is now automatically created and added to the message headers when precedence is set to 'List'.

The 'Errors' field has been moved to the 'Delivery' part of the settings panel previously in 'Sender Information'. Attachments are now sent faster. Encoding issue when saving and importing remote server presets. Interface flickering has been fixed on the MS Windows version. Some small aesthetic fixes to some windows. The Import from a remote server window height has been slightly reduced.

A link menu button has been added to the styled text formatting toolbar. Connexion issue with Chinese and Japanese versions on given occasions. Saving documents no longer remove the existing Finder file tags macOS. Some windows displayed below the menu bar macOS.

How do I stop my emails being marked as spam? MaxBulk Mailer 8. MaxBulk Mailer recipient lists no longer sorted alphabetically. Ugly emails with MaxBulk Mailer? Not MaxBulk Mailer fault. Why you should avoid sending attachments. How to make your email's look more personal. MaxBulk Mailer vs Web-Based email marketing systems. Sending beautiful e-mails with MaxBulk Mailer. Sending a message with customized pictures. How can I transfer my lists and accounts between two computers? How to install MLM on your server. How to create and publish your first newsletter. Subscription and unsubscription handling thru regular e-mails.

Avoiding having your legitimate e-mails being flagged as SPAM. Using your own SMTP server, advantages and drawbacks. For years, MAX Programming has provided companies around the globe with sophisticated and innovative solutions. The only thing you never want a program like this to do is actually send your existing list the same email times. I would steer clear. I emailed the developer and I guess they had no interest in addressing this issue hoping I will go away.

Well, I'm gone. Don't take a chance with this software. It will hurt your business. It was pretty easy to figure out, without going to any documentation. I had a list of 4, email addresses I wanted to send to, with some photos, and it was easy to write up my email, add photos, import the email addresses, and send. The best part was that is worked flawlessly with my EIMS email server. I tried another program which was cheaper, but didn't work well with my email server and had a hard time incorporating jpgs into my email.

Been using since 4. Plus, VERY responsive tech support--resolved a reported bug within a day and posted a new version immediately. What a piece of buggy junk. There are so many bugs its hard to count. The main one being that it will not retain formatting when you try to use stylized text to create an email in this program. Every time you save, close and re-open your file - it comes up with different formatting.

What was centered is now left justified. What was left justified is now centered. Maddening and useless. I've been using MBM for several years to send monthly mailings to lists of subscribers. It's horrendously slow to send, but the mailings look great, so I consider it to serve the purpose well. However, I was just going through and removing bounced addresses, when I managed to accidentally delete three of my lists. Their tech support which replied in a day, to their credit , said the files are "removed from the system", and I believe them, as two separate file recovery programs had absolutely no luck.

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Why not move the files to the trash instead? I don't know. Obviously I'm stupid for not backing the files up before messing with them, but I'd been doing it for years with no worries. But I still can't believe the program could perform a task so horribly drastic that unbelievably easily and deliberately. Three years of collected addresses down the tubes in a matter of seconds. So if you use it, back up your list files.

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I've been using this to send good looking HTML emails to our database and couldn't sing higher praises for this software. This product just works.

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Questions were answered almost immediately from the developers when I had one. I purchased the "Ultimate e-mail Toolkit" which contains all four of the MaxProg email programs. Foolish me; I bought them one at a time instead of all at once and spent more money. I now have 6 months of usage experience with MaxBulk Mailer and the other programs and have this to say: Support is even better! It was always very good. You submitted a trouble ticket and received a response within 24 hours.

But now, MaxProg has added a Users Forum. The forum is very easy to use and provides excellent support. I have 5 clients for whom I send out newsletters and email blasts releated to conferences. The typical list is email addresses and all four of the MaxProg programs are a great help in keeping the lists clean and sending out the emails. Learn more about SwipeMail. Email marketing freedom for small and medium sized businesses. Simple and comprehensive toolset. Try it risk-free for 30 days. Learn more about Campaign Manager.

Machine learning based personalization platform that helps e-commerce and travel industry to improve conversions. Learn more about CanisHub. Email automation tool targeting high-value website visitors who have demonstrated an intent to purchase. Learn more about Cybba Email Remarketing. Learn more about Dialog Insight.

Easy-to-use email marketing web application for creating and sending Newsletters and Email Campaigns. Learn more about MailKitchen. Learn more about Mumara. Learn more about MyNewsletter. Unleash marketing potential of e-mail signatures. Design and apply brand-aware signatures to all your employees in Google Apps. Learn more about SignatureSatori. Bulk email online service to send campaigns asap. Features include statistics, templates, and SPAM checking. Learn more about UltraMail Keep your data updated and verified by using Ampliz a database management software, email appending and verification solutions.

Learn more about Ampliz. Helps you to deliver marketing and transactional messages to the right customers at the right moment. Learn more about ExpressPigeon. Triggered emails including abandoned cart recovery; product up-sells and cross-promotions; win-back campaigns; analytics; and more. Learn more about MageMail. The super-intuitive way to create, schedule and send email marketing, newsletters, product news, press releases and social media.

Learn more about Minutemailer. Multi channel marketing cloud solution that allows for your business to run smart email marketing campaigns. Learn more about Clang. Forms a primary support system with the tools you need to maximize the use of email. Learn more about e-Communications Suite. Sugester is a cloud helpdesk, time and task management solution. We put all your info in one place and improve your business. Learn more about Sugester. Learn more about CampaignDrive. Personalize images in your next email campaign with your subscriber merge fields. Learn more about NiftyImages.

Newsletter mailing solution that minimizes spam ratings due to company membership in Certified Center Alliance. Learn more about rapidmail. SnapRetail is a complete online marketing solution for independent retailers that combines web, email and social in to one tool. Learn more about SnapRetail. Brings you a tried high-end broadcasting solution with guaranteed success in your email marketing. Learn more about adRom Email Manager.

You see the goal, we clear the obstacles. Email marketing and automation solution that allows marketers with no HTML skills to build newsletters with drag and drop editor tool. Learn more about Betasend. Bulk response is email marketing service which provides bulk emailing service for its client across the world. Learn more about Bulk Response. Are You a Freelancer?

Or A small business Owner? Discover a beautiful and full featured Email Marketing software with Automation. Red Learn more about BullMailer. Drip email campaigns, custom templates and lead management for the real estate industry. Learn more about Contact An email campaign database featuring millions of messages across over 9, brands updated in real-time. Learn more about Email Creative Archive. Complete Email Marketing solution - Custom email templates and message builders - Easy to use and fully automated.

Learn more about EmailOpen. Learn more about eMVision. The Ensight eMarketing Suite is a holistic, multi-channel emarketing platform. Learn more about Ensight eMarketing Suite. ExpertSenders Multichannel Marketing Hub gives you the marketing arsenal to generate additional revenue from day 1. Learn more about ExpertSender. Use this low cost solution to send and track newsletter campaigns. Learn more about GrowMail. Learn more about iMarketing Center. The next generation in lead generation and conversion - email marketing, CRM and more. Learn more about itracMarketer. Learn more about KulaHub.

Learns customer preferences and is able to generate highly targeted newsletters to each individual in your email list. Learn more about Ludlow. Advanced Mass Mail Program that allows you to send bulk marketing emails, create groups and lists, edit text, and more. Learn more about MailCloud. Cloud based email auto response software designed to assist you with your email and marketing campaigns. Learn more about MailZoom. Marketing and sales automation platform that helps companies in prospect management, lead nurturing and optimized email marketing.

Learn more about MakesBridge.

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Configured to send high volume bulk emails using your own SMTP server. Learn more about massmalig. MyBizMailer is an easy to use powerful email marketing platform that delivers real results. Send newsletters, follow-up autoresponders. Learn more about MyBizMailer. Self-hosted email marketing and auto-responder software for SMBs. All-in-one marketing solution that streamlines email marketing, social media management, content marketing, and direct mail marketing.

Learn more about Office Interactive. All the email marketing tools you need to succeed, in a single solution built on Amazon AWS. Learn more about Pepo Campaigns. PowerAddon Marketing Suite for Dynamics Our features are: Email marketing YOUR way. Savicom offers the BEST pricing around for high volume senders. Learn more about Savicom. An email signature generator with branding, tracking and analytics built-in. Works with Gmail, Office Outlook and Oulook. Tximail lets you create with ease email marketing campaigns and automation. Learn more about Taximail. Send video emails, newsletters, campaigns, create landing pages and more.

Learn more about VMC Technology. Offers smart e-mail solutions that fit your business needs. Learn more about Yesmail. A solution that creates interactive content for email, SMS, and social media marketing campaigns. Learn more about Zembula. Deliver relevant messages at the right time with a fully-capable and user-friendly workflow that helps you send targeted emails. Enginemailer is an all-in-one Integrated Email Service that helps engage your customers and grow your business.

Learn more about Enginemailer. Send personalized email messages to customers from any database. Learn more about Mach5 Mailer. A secure, reliable, and cost effictive way to manage email lists as well as deploy, optimize and track email marketing campaigns. Learn more about MarketTraq Email. Free promotion or other desired action countdown timers that can be embedded into your marketing emails.

Learn more about Motion Mail. Learn more about Net Atlantic. Identify customers. Strengthen relationships. Amplify sales. Feel the power with Paytronix. Learn more about Paytronix. Email marketing tool designed to give meaningful insights, detect new opportunities, and drive business growth. Learn more about SellTime. Email marketing system providing templates, reports, and campaign automation functions to streamline marketing efforts.

Learn more about Squizmail. A comprehensive, pay-as-you-go, online email marketing solution perfect for any size list. Learn more about Topica. AI-Powered email-marketing for online retailers who want to grow their business faster Learn more about Triggmine. AI-Powered email-marketing for online retailers who want to grow their business faster. Easy online platform to create and manage Email and SMS campaigns, with marketing automation and an email builder.

Learn more about UniSender. Learn more about ZoikMail. Aurea Campaign Manager is a cloud-based email marketing solution that engages your customer base in relevant, specific conversations. Learn more about Aurea Campaign Manager. Learn more about PoliteMail. Prisma Campaigns is a smart omnichannel marketing orchestrator designed for Financial Institutions. Learn more about Prisma Campaigns. Learn more about springbot Email Marketing. Learn more about Sendicate.

Optimize online conversions with a suite of managed on-site and email marketing solutions. Learn more about UpSellit. A web-based email and agency marketing tool designed for insurance agents. Learn more about AgencyBuzz. AGNITAS is an email marketing software that provides tools to manage and create emailing campaigns that engaging customers. Email tracking to define an advertising sources of online and offline advertising.

Increase the possibilities of Google Analytics. Learn more about Alfa-Track. Enterprise tool for automating mass-emailing and single email processing tasks. Learn more about Arnica EmailServer. Sends professional looking email messages; runs newsletters or highly targeted marketing campains.

Learn more about AY Mail. Drag and drop HTML email builder solution that allows for businesses to quickly and easily create exquisite designs. Email marketing software with features for email design, subject lines, email copy or keywords. Learn more about Beetle. Web based platform to create, send, share and track marketing emails. Features include templates, reports, and integrations. Learn more about BetterMail. Everything you need to create, manage, send, track and analyze your email campaigns.

Learn more about BitFaster. Branded email marketing at scale: Web based solution that allows the user to view site statistics, the number of emails sent, received and total etc. Learn more about Bulk Email Marketing Script. The all-in-one prospecting platform for sales teams that generates leads and appointments for you. Never cold call again! Learn more about BuzzBuilder. Learn more about Campaign Enterprise. Email design platform for professionals and teams. Improves email production process throughout collaboration.

Learn more about Chamaileon. Manage your subscribers, send email, and send beautiful daily and weekly newsletters automatically from your hosted WordPress site.

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Learn more about CircuPress. Makes the process of attracting prospects to converting leads to creating customers -easier, optimized, and automated. Learn more about Clastic. Cold emails simplified with automatic follow ups, personalization, and scheduling. Learn more about Closify. Learn more about Collect Offers.

Professional services email marketing platform for high-value client relationship communications and business development. Web-based e-mail marketing platform that enables users to build and send professional e-mails, and track recipients' responses. Learn more about CoolerEmail. Cordial is a next generation email marketing platform built on real-time data. Learn more about Cordial.

Learn more about Critical Impact. Email marketing control panel which tracks campaigns and provides statistics and metrics. Learn more about dailysender. Marketing automation that turns visitors into customers with eCRM and a full range of marketing instruments Learn more about Dashly. Marketing automation that turns visitors into customers with eCRM and a full range of marketing instruments. Learn more about Deliver. Learn more about Dialogue Builder.

Provides email automation software with built in GDPR compliance tools. Learn more about Direct Software. Get, keep and grow customers with the power of email. Learn more about EchoMail. Learn more about eConnect Email. Web-based email marketing platform with email list creation and management functionality, campaign creation, and reporting options. Learn more about eList Manager. Learn more about eliteemail. An all inclusive, perfectly priced, email marketing and marketing automation solution for medium to high volume senders.

Learn more about eLoop. Automated, data-driven campaign planning for retailers - increases revenue, engagement and loyalty. Learn more about Email Campaign Optimization. Advanced email deliverability system to measure the components of an email's content to pre-measure campaign success. Learn more about Email Deliverability Suite. Mailing list management and distribution for sending personalized email to a list of recipients. Learn more about Email Director. Clickbacks email lead generation software let's you send emails to cold or purchased contacts.

Learn more about Email Lead Generation. Email marketing automation software with Done-for-You service for small businesses. Get more leads, sales, profit. Simple email campaign application that allows businesses to easily manage their email marketing. Learn more about Email software. SMTP solution for increasing email deliverability. Learn more about EmailLabs. Email marketing platform designed to help marketers with converting sales, nurturing leads, and driving traffic. Learn more about Emercury. Learn more about eMerge. Successfully handles the entire email marketing chain, from content management to delivery.

Learn more about eMill. An email marketing solution with welcome, birthday, and follow-up trigger email options. Learn more about empaction E-mail Module. The easiest way to target, personalize, measure and optimize email campaigns. Learn more about Ether Mailer. SC-Networks is a marketing automation software that offers solutions such as email marketing, lead management, and quality assurance Learn more about Evalanche. SC-Networks is a marketing automation software that offers solutions such as email marketing, lead management, and quality assurance. Enterprise e-marketing and mobile solution that grows traffic and sales for multi-location companies.

Hosts a SaaS platform that lets you match search results from Linkedin to e-mail addresses. Learn more about Eyemail. Simple email marketing solution with API for good price. Free for users with up to subscribers. A distributed marketing automation platform that makes digital asset management, permission management, and brand control simple.

Learn more about Fision. Grow your business with email marketing - Create newsletters for your emails and it's free to get started. Learn more about Get a Newsletter. Email Marketing Software Use Capterra to find the best email marketing software for your business. Compare product reviews and features, and learn from our Marketing Software Research. Narrow results by: Reset all filters. Sort by: You have selected the maximum of 4 products to compare Add to Compare. Zoho Campaigns by Zoho reviews. Learn more about Zoho Campaigns Create, send, and track effective email campaigns that help you build lasting relationships with your customers.

Learn more about Zoho Campaigns Zoho Campaigns is an email marketing software for small to midsized business to automate entire marketing process - from managing your email campaigns to maintaining your mailing lists. Campaign Monitor by Campaign Monitor reviews. Learn more about Campaign Monitor Campaign Monitor is an easy-to-use email marketing tool that allows every marketer to send beautiful, targeted newsletters.

Learn more about Campaign Monitor Campaign Monitor is an easy-to-use email marketing tool that allows entrepreneurs at growing businesses to send beautiful, relevant newsletters, creating a reliable channel to grow engagement with their subscribers and promote loyal readership. ZeroBounce by Hertza reviews. Bitrix24 by Bitrix reviews. Learn more about Bitrix24 1 free CRM and email marketing platform with over 4 million sales teams worldwide.

Email automation, trigger emails, more. Learn more about Bitrix24 Bitrix24 is one of the very few CRM systems that offers email marketing software free of charge. Newsletter2Go by Newsletter2Go 4 reviews. Our newsletter software helps you drive revenue, grow community and scale business Learn more about Newsletter2Go Built for SMEs, powerful enough for the big leagues.

SmartEngage by Level Up Global 4 reviews. GetResponse by GetResponse reviews. Learn more about GetResponse Join more than , customers in countries who trust GetResponse, the world's easiest email marketing platform. Learn more about GetResponse GetResponse email marketing and online campaign management platform helps entrepreneurs build targeted subscriber lists and send high-impact newsletters, video emails, and follow-up campaigns. EmailOctopus by EmailOctopus 37 reviews. Learn more about SENDER Sender makes it easy for e-commerce marketers to send effective automated marketing emails and drive more revenue.

Learn more about SENDER Sender makes it easy for e-commerce marketers to send automated marketing emails and drive more revenue for a fraction of the price of other email marketing providers, such as Mailchimp or ConstantContact. SendX by SendX 17 reviews. Best suited for small to medium size business.

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Mailchimp by Mailchimp reviews. View Profile. Learn more about Mailchimp Mailchimp gives you the marketing tools to be yourself on a bigger stage. Constant Contact by Constant Contact reviews. Intercom by Intercom reviews. Learn more about Intercom Intercom is the complete growth platform for marketing, sales, and support.

Omnisend by Omnisend reviews. Learn more about lemlist lemlist is the first automated outreach email platform with personalized images. MailerLite by MailerLite reviews. Learn more about MailerLite MailerLite is an email marketing service provider with focus on simplicity, excellent customer support and beautiful email designs. Hunter by Hunter reviews. Learn more about Hunter Hunter is an email search and verification tool that helps find and verify professional email addresses from companies and domains.

MailBot by Beeketing reviews. Learn more about MailBot Turn your visitors into revenue by personalized follow-up emails. Adobe Campaign by Adobe reviews. Learn more about Adobe Campaign Solution for developing marketing datamarts and managing direct marketing campaigns across multiple channels.

SendPulse by SendPulse 86 reviews. Gammadyne Mailer by Gammadyne 75 reviews. Learn more about Gammadyne Mailer Avoid the exorbitant expense of an email service by providing your own mail server. Mailrelay by Mailrelay 72 reviews. Learn more about Mailrelay Advanced email marketing platform allowing you to create, send and manage your newsletters.

BombBomb by BombBomb 62 reviews. Learn more about BombBomb Video communication solution that helps businesses with video emails, tracking analytics, screen recording, and social sharing. Moosend by Moosend 57 reviews. Learn more about Moosend Beautiful emails, exceptional deliverability, and marketing automations - Moosend adds value to your email marketing strategy.

Learn more about Atomic Email Studio Web based solution that performs all tasks related to email address search and e-newsletter sending. Remarkety by Remarkety 54 reviews. Learn more about Remarkety Remarkety is a leading eCommerce Marketing Platform for segmentation and personalization based on shopping behavior.

Mailshake by Mailshake 51 reviews. Learn more about Mailshake A simple solution for cold emails, with proven templates, automatic follow-ups, sending controls, and personalization.