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Vero Clash of Clans Bot on Mobile. If you need other features, send an email to features getvero.

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You want the perfect bot for attacking, with the best algorithms. Vero Bot will attack all of the bases for you, and get all of their resources! Want the spectacular highest wall level 11? The bot will farm gold and automatically upgrade your defenses. The bot will search for you.

This bot can automatically donate your troops to a friend in your clan. The more you help, the better your relations will be with your friends. It can request help from your clanmates too. It is super easy to use and very effective.

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There is 1-to-1 support by email and TeamViewer. Is this the first time you heard about Vero? Vero was founded on October 24, I was playing the game and one of my clanmates, Chief Tony, needed help with farming.

What you need.

So I created this bot and made it public. It gives the best experience, game play and excitement in Clash of Clans. The bot makes farming easy, and you can enjoy the clan wars.

Clash of Clans Bot LavaLoon Attacks performed by RaccoonBot

Try Vero now, Chief! Vero serves clashers from over 30 countries! Are you on the map? Jamie Morris I use Vero Bot to help me upgrade my wall. Vero Bot give me 12M Gold a day.

Update v5.4.6 – Supports iOS 9 – 11

And then help me get full wall levels 10 in 2 months. Pretty cool! COC language needs to be set on English! Bluestacks language needs to be set on English! Bluestacks 2 is not completely tested with CF yet, please use this link here to download BS. Contact ClashFarmer. Frequently asked questions 1.

Why it takes so long to find dead bases?

We've got what you need!

Those features are not active yet and will be added in the next version. Why my Clashfarmer keep asking where is my Clans Castle? Clashfarmer version check error", what should I do? This is usually caused by an internet error, please check your internet connection.

AutoClashBotiOS | The best clash of clans bot

When installing the latest ClashFarmer version I receive an installer error, what should I do? Why do I receive a "personal break" message? When the attack is finished why the bot uses all the time before quitting? What are the features you planning to add in the next version? Add repo source to Cydia: Before you start it is recommended to disable notifications and auto-lock on your device.

Open Clash of Clans and go to your main base. Hold down your volume down button on the device. Enter password: Press confirm. You will be prompted with a dialog. Put times to 0 and leave the rest as default. Press Play. Now you should be prompted with the bots menu. Here you can configure the bot to your needs.

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