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Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2018 Features

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Teknologya provides all the latest news updates about the smartphones, android, windows, science, technology and much more. The Purpose of Teknologya is to help people to explore the world more easily. Publish websites and web applications that look amazing on any size screen. Before starting we must understand that all design does not start directly with the styles.

Initially we will make a conceptual map about the different sections that we are going to have, or to make it even simpler, the appearance of each page.

What’s new in this 2018 release?

For now, we will focus on a main page. We will use unordered lists to put on screen the elements, whether images, text or links. We will do this so that everything is listed vertically, from top to bottom, one by one. The objective is that later it is easier to float these elements and place them in space.

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In fact this is a very common practice: The vignettes the icon that looks like a black dot right next to the element hide them with styles, along with other modifications, so we should not worry about this. Quickly create and publish web pages almost anywhere with web design software. There we will see the changes in real time that are made on our website, but what interests me most about this interface are some icons that are in the lower right part of the window, next to the resolution. These icons are in the form of smartphone, tablet and computer, or desktop.

Thanks to these icons, our design view will change depending on what we click, showing the result adapted to the target platform.

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Obviously this is not based on pressing a button and stay so wide, it is our task to navigate through the three modes and modify the aspect as we are interested. Here are several factors to consider: Reviewing the theory of web design, we will know that we can hide or show an element thanks to the hidden property, occupy more or less space with the pixels and modify the float with the float property.

Thanks to some options that Adobe software gives us, this is as simple as activating or deactivating some options. Dreamweaver does the rest and automatically adjusts the object within the new parameters. It is our task to go view by view and modify it so that the visualization is correct.

Luckily, in some cases, the changes in a view serve us for the rest, as is the case with the horizontal tablet and the desktop. Get your sites up and running faster with starter templates that you can customize to build HTML emails. Continuing by the flotation, this is interesting since when we resize the object it is very likely that we will have spaces without content on the sides. To make a float and to adapt to the rest we must select the object in question and we will see that we see a box with several icons in the lower part: For the flotation we need to click on the arrow, which activates them.

If at any time we wish to revert the changes, pressing again will cancel the flotation. As with the resizing, we must go sight by sight making the object float according to our design needs. Finally, hide objects. This feature we will need especially for the mobile phone, or vertical views in general. The reason is that in this way of vision we want to maximize the space, so secondary information such as the credits of the page or even social networks we can leave it aside, giving priority to the content of the web.

We must take into account one thing for that and that is that hiding content does not mean that it is not loaded in the browser. That content is still there on the web, only that the browser does not show it. In other words, resources are still being consumed for that component, even though we do not see it, it is invisible, not non-existent. Well, to hide an object we simply have to select it and in the box of options that we have used for the floats we simply have to select the eye.

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This hides the object in question. It is possible that in the other views it also remains hidden, something that should not happen. If this happens, we should simply refresh the view by clicking on the icon that has two arrows in a circular shape, next to the file path, in the top center of the design view. Once that button is pressed, the hidden object should appear. That fund indicates the total space it occupies. To show it again, we select it and click again on the eye. Once this is done, the content will be displayed again on the screen, in the selected view.

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With all this we already have enough material to, at least, make different views adaptable to various platforms. Making a responsive design is a trial and error, so do not give up and try. We believe that sharing softwares is something great and needed, but please never forget to support his creators. I login in with root pass before as well, and no effect. Yes, add me to your mailing list. We are a young group of highly skilled programmers.

Eve though we are driver mostly by passion, creating a unique and functional hack takes time and hard work.

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