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Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Enter your email address below:. What next? In certain […]. Seems like an odd collection of data that is stored within this PRAM, but good to know if things go a bit haywire. Actually — if you continue to hold down the key combo and let the mac continue to reboot — it will reset other parts of the mac. At least, that is how it used to be. I just upgraded my memory from 4 GB to 8 GB on my macbook pro.

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Someone had suggested this though before I do it want to make sure. Yes, finally something that worked! Thank you!!!

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Been having trouble with wifi-connection on my MBP after installing to Maverick kept falling out. Been trying a lot of things, but this was the only thing working for me. So happy now. I have a Bluetooth keyboard which lags on the reboot. Is there any other way to reset the PRAM? Is it possible its battery had problem?

Because its work about hours. Guys I never reply to any help sites but this one here up is a bummer!! Saved my new mac which I thought damaged! Thanks a lot guys. Saved my day. Hi i have tried pram reset and smc but still have black screen. Managed get the chime with the pram reset but still gone back. To black. Help much appreciated as travelling. Kirsty The only light i have on the machine are the small power lights on the left side. Other than that it is dead for no reason as i shut down as normal. Try this: Can anyone tell me.. The PRAM reset worked for my macbook pro I thought it was toast but once I performed the reset, it had me sign into my wifi..

Thanks guys. Thank you. Wonder what causes this black screen problem. Your tips saved us a trip to the Apple Store. Then tried resetting smc, the only change is that when I power off and back on the screen background changes from gray to tan and back and the progress bar briefly flashes a larger white empty box, then the bar reappears but stops at the same point every time. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

I have issue with my MacBook Pro el capitan He is start to load but alomust on half of loading proces is shuting down. Please help. Now my computer is back to normal! Thank you! PRAM resetting worked fast, after no effect with the first two metods!

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Thanks a lot: MacBook Pro 3. Reset PRAM: Reset SMC: PRAM works for me after lress and hold couple of times. Worth all tries. Thank you thank you my life saver: I have an Imac which was working fine, but appeared as though the WiFi was not working even though the icon showed connection. After several attempts to get the WiFi working again, I restarted the machine. The result was a white grey screen with a folder? I attempted to restart again to no avail.

Any suggestions short of a new hard disk? None of the 3 options worked for me. After trying them multiple times, I had the idea to type in my password, to a completely dark screen, then hit enter. My computer is back!

What is PRAM, SMC in Mac, Why You Might Need to Reset It

Great solution! It saved me from buying an external unit.

Thanks a lot! Still no light after. Can anyone help? Dallas Thanks for suggesting that ,you may need to retry the PRAM boot a couple of times,apparently I got it right on the third try ,on my imac. Your advice is much appreciated. Mac OS So my iMac can find it, and stops searching for a, non-existent, Bluetooth keyboard instead. Today, after updating to Mac OS Searched the web again, and came to the osxdaily. Sounds good: What to do? A crazy idea came out of sudden.. Sounds crazy, but works..

MacBook 4. Intermittent black screen. I removed both of the RAM cards and replugged them in. Great fix. I was afraid my 10 year old MacBook was dead beyond economical repair. Looking forward to the upgrade on my know functioning laptop. You saved my bacon. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved.

Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Enter your email address below: Posted by: November 15, at 5: Desmond says: November 15, at 6: Louis says: Did it work? Well, I'm not entirely sure -- entering the commands did not by itself restart the computer, so I entered them, then had to manually quit Terminal and everything and restart it myself. But whatever happened or didn't happen -- it worked! Because after doing the Terminal command and then restarting, the computer seems to be back to normal brightness! Can't tell for absolute sure, because I forgot how bright it was to begin with, but it's definitely bright er than it was before.

The one thing I'm concerned about is that this Terminal command is somehow now "permanent" and will zap the NVRAM every time I restart the machine -- but a comment on the linked page says "Note that resetting the PRAM will wipe out the contents of the boot-args environment variable, which means the command would need to be reissued each startup," which seems to indicate that it isn't permanent. I hope. Anyway, for the record, the screen dimness was at least partially and maybe totally rectified by doing the Terminal command to zap the NVRAM at least I assume that's what happened , so as a result I'll give Kappy a "helped" star and note this thread as "answered.

NVRAM Reset Macbook Pro

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How to reset the System Management Controller (SMC) on your Mac

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