Best to do lists for mac

It's easy to forget or lose where you've written down everything you want to get done. On other occasions, it's just impossible to fit everything on one Post-It note. Thankfully, there are plenty of options when it comes to digital to-do lists. The productivity sections on most app stores are crammed with tools to help you organise your life.

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There's a real range of to-do software out there: Whatever your way of working, there's a technology-enabled solution. To save you the time of sorting through all the apps, here is a selection of some of the best. Looking for more productivity apps and services? Check out our guided to the best iOS apps and best Android apps. The app from Cultured Code is one of the most aesthetically pleasing to-do apps out there. Unfortunately, it is only for iOS and Mac but there are ton of options for those who decide to go for the app.

Tasks can have large headings with sub-groups and checklists underneath them, you can drag tasks with a finger on mobile to reorder them, and reminders can be set to pop up at a specific time.

What You Need to Know Up-Front about Task Management

There's a fairly high cost to Things: Todoist attempts to gamify productivity. For completing tasks you get awarded karma and over time it is possible to track how much you are getting done. There are apps for almost every device web, iOS, desktop and Android , plus it also integrates with web browsers and there are plugins for Gmail and Outlook.

There are options to review the upcoming week, colour code priority tasks, and delegate items to other people in shared lists. There are two tiers of Todoist: This Apple-only productivity manager is built for people who like to seriously organise themselves. It's based on the Getting Things Done time management method and has options for seemingly every possibility.

Best to-do list apps of 12222 for managing tasks for the Mac

Omnifocus has folders, subfolders, projects, contexts, flags, reviews, forecasts and much more. Custom views can show only the next task in each product to help you keep focus. For some people, there may be too many options. A Pro version lets you run AppleScripts to add automation and offers more extra features. Many also let you set location-based reminders to nudge about something when you reach -- or leave -- a destination. Most of our picks have a Web counterpart and are available for Windows PCs and Android devices if you are working with a team of people.

If you check your tasks on a Mac and iPhone, look for a to-do list app that syncs across all your devices.

What to look for in a to-do list app?

Most of our picks have iPhone and Android versions, and if you get stuck, you can usually manage your tasks via a website. Many of our selections also have extensions for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

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And some also work with the Apple Watch, letting you view notifications on your wrist. A checklist app is a replacement for a project-management software such as Microsoft Project, but if you are part of a team that just needs to track tasks, share documents, write notes, and assign to-do items, a task app, such as Remember The Milk or Todoist, comes with collaborative tools for managing team projects and could be a perfect fit for your team.

If you only need to manage your own simple to-do lists and keep a few notes, a free to-do list app, such as the Mac's homegrown Reminders app or Google's Keep app, could be up to the task. But if you are managing a lot of tasks, consider paying for premium features, which can include recurring tasks, subtasks, and tags.

A subscription may also include collaboration tools -- such as team scheduling and project-management -- to help you track tasks across a team. Nearly all of our picks let you manage your tasks and lists via a Web browser -- or a browser extension -- on a Mac. A few even have Mac apps as well, such as Things from Cultured Code. You want to check your list wherever you are, so our picks are available, of course, for iPhone and iPad, via a website or as a browser extension, in most cases for Android, and and in some cases as MacOS apps -- with everything synced across devices. From Apple Mail -- which lets you create reminders via the Share button -- to Todoist that lets you access your tasks from Gmail and Google Calendar via plug-ins, many of our picks work well with other apps, so you can manage your time in a way that makes sense for you.

Some also come as browser extensions, so you can keep tabs on your items right from Chrome or Firefox.

To do list app for Mac, iPhone, & iPad: Reminders — The Sweet Setup

The Any. It's more than a to-do list manager. Evernote can capture your notes, create checklists, track tasks, set reminders, and save websites you want to visit later. The digital notebook synced everything it holds across your iPhone, iPad, and Mac machines.

Five Mac Apps You Should Be Using!

And you can set reminders to keep track of events. With the free version, you get a monthly upload limit of 60MB and can sync between two devices. The free Google Keep app is a simple way to take notes, keep lists, make drawings, and store voice recordings and images and then access them from anywhere -- on your iPhone and iPad, through Gmail, via Keep's webpage, and with Keep's Chrome extension.

You can also set location-based reminders for your notes, if you want to be notified about something when you arrive at your destination. In , Microsoft acquired the Wunderlist task-manager app and started building its own to-do list based on the ideas found in the popular app. Microsoft's To-Do app, the free successor to Wunderlist, gives you an easy way to track tasks and stay organized.

The 23 Best To-do List Apps of 12222 for Personal Task Management

It even has an importer tool if you want to move your Wunderlist data over to To-Do. Unfortunately, it lacks some of the features that made Wunderlist popular, but you can share your to-do lists with anyone who has a OneDrive account. Don't let the name put you off: Remember The Milk is a powerful to-do list app that won't break a sweat, helping you to remember your grocery items.

Create lists, share tasks with coworkers, and build smart lists that automatically update based on criteria you set. Sync your tasks with Microsoft Outlook, view tasks in Apple and Google's Calendar, and create reminders in Evernote that will be added automatically to Remember The Milk lists. Like Microsoft To-Do, Remember The Milk has an import tool for moving your Wunderlist tasks over if you are looking for a new task manager with Wunderlist's impending retirement.

Mac's own Reminders app may be all you need to create to-dos, manage projects, and create lists.