Mac opnieuw installeren mountain lion

To resolve this problem, use one of the following methods, depending on your version of Office for Mac. Excel for Mac Step 1: Quit all programs and close all windows On the Apple menu, click Force Quit.

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Select an application in the "Force Quit Applications" window. Note You cannot quit Finder.

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Click Force Quit. Repeat steps A through C for all the applications that are causing issues until you exit all active applications. Step 2: Open the Group Containers folder. Look for a folder whose name ends ". Office," and open it. In this folder, look for the Com. Delete this file by dragging it to the trash. This will delete the Office preferences that you set during the initial start of the application.

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Restart the application, and check whether the issue is resolved. If the issue is not resolved, delete the whole folder that you found in step D.

Tip: zo kun je je Mac of MacBook resetten bij problemen

This will delete all previous settings and preferences that were set across all applications. Note This will reset Office back to the first-run phase of initial set up. Step 3: Perform a clean restart For information how to clean start your Operating system OS , see the following Microsoft Knowledge Base article: How to download and install or uninstall Office for Mac. Mine was AFPS and that's what caused the error.

How do I install a drive on Mac OS X?

Only do this if you have a backup and are allowed to delete everything on the internal drive. If you have access to another mac computer, you can download the app to install mojave or whatever the right version you want is , and then use this guide to create a bootable usb drive:. Official Apple Guide.

Mac OSX Lion How to do a Clean Install

Once you have created the installation media, boot into macOS while holding Option. An icon will come up that says install macOS and then go to disk utility. Erase the disk and reformat it to APFS.

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Make sure to replace the disk3 with the correct disk identifier that you got with diskutil list. The reason this works I think is because the installation is not booting off of the internal drive, but in internet recovery it is booting off the internal drive.

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    Tried to do a complete fresh install of Sierra. Je weet dan zeker dat er geen gevoelige data meer achterblijft voor de koper. Tijdens dit proces zijn er een aantal details waar je op moet letten. Zorg er dan voor dat je de SSD-schijf kiest, wat standaard van de schijfnaam af te lezen is. Voor het wissen wordt er gevraagd een naam in te voeren voor de schijf. Het maakt voor het proces niet uit wat je hier precies invult. Deel de Systeemvoorkeuren van macOS naar eigen wens in Tip: Samenwerken met de Notities-app op de Mac 8 belangrijke basistips om je Mac te beveiligen 2 manieren om snel alle tabbladen in Safari te sluiten Aanbiedingen Vergelijk nu iPhone XR nieuw.

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