Mac os x spotlight search hidden files

Use the search box to find "System Files" in the menu, and check its box.

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When you hit OK, "System Files" will be an option in that leftmost dropdown menu. Click it, and in the dropdown to the right of it, choose "Include". Spotlight will then extend your search to include system files and you can find the file in question.

See the Current File Path

Unfortunately, this method only works for finding system files. It won't find hidden files even if you have Finder set to show hidden files , and it won't find files inside packages.

How to view hidden files on Mac

For these, you'll need an external program. Free app Find Any File is a very simple search app that gives you these options in the form of simple checkboxes. Just search for your file, and when the results window pops up, check the box to include hidden files or files inside packages:. It isn't quite as fast as Spotlight, but it serves its purpose well when you need to get at files that Spotlight tries to keep out of your way.

Mac OS X Hidden Files & Directories

These are just a few methods for finding files that Spotlight doesn't include in its searches by default, but its likely that there are other types of files that aren't Spotlight-friendly—if you have any tips for getting around Spotlight's limitations, share them with us in the comments.

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Next, it can marked as hidden in Terminal using the chflags command. Changing the Default Settings of macOS to Show All Files This method of making all files visible to users requires familiarity with the Terminal app, which is found in the Utilities folder in the Applications folder.

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The same view before changing Finder defaults to show hidden files. The hidden files and folders can now be opened, modified, and deleted.

Mac Spotlight Manipulation Of External Drives - The Xtra

Rather than firing up the Terminal app and entering a command, this method uses a simple keyboard shortcut to make the hidden files appear. Good candidates for finding hidden files include the HD root directory, the Computer view as seen in the screenshots in the previous section of this article , or in a user Home folder. Command — Shift — Period. Many of the hidden files are configuration files for apps or are critical components of macOS, so changing or removing the files can affect the way your Mac functions.

Search for hidden files

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