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There is a thunder icon on the Mac to see that. Resolution near Retina native? Do I need mdp to mdp cable?

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Hi, means I can connect to a Mac Pro the thunderbolt display but I can see the video output but the sound will not work? How i could use wacom cintiq pro 16 on iMac late if it only have mini display port and not Thunderbolt? Would there be any way possible? Thanks in advance. Wacom say you can, with the Wacom Link: Acabe de comprar un Apple Cinema Display 27 pulgadas, y mi macbook pro es finales al conectar el DVI al puerto thunderbold la imagen es perfecta y tiene sonido el problema es al conectar el USB 2.

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Have you heard of anything like this happening? You can use a Thunderbolt dock for that: I bought a mac mini recently and would like to set up the Mac mini with my iMac late as display, both having thunderbolt port at the back, should i get thunderbolt to thunderbolt cable or mini display cable instead? For the Mac mini to iMac: It works only with a Mac mini with Thunderbolt capabilities and up , not before. I would like to use my iMac as second screen for my macbook. I wonder if its possible and if so which cable would I need to use? You cannot use miniDP to Thunderbolt.

How can I connect my iMac inch, Mid that has a mini display port to a new mac mini with a thunderbolt port? What cable do I need to buy? Will a thunderbolt 2 or thunderbolt 3 cable work? Or do I need a thunderbolt 2 or 3 to mini port cable?

How to Add Multiple Monitors to a Mac Mini: 5 Steps

The only problem with a MacBook Air: Trying to connect it to a MacBook Pro. I bought an Apple Thunderbolt to Thunderbolt cable. Nothing happens. Would a mini displayport to mini displayport cable work better? Sorry Pieere, I mistyped. It should work? You must use a Thunderbolt 1 or 2 cable and the Thunderbolt 2 to Thunderbolt 3 adapter from Apple. I have a i mac and I would like to use as a monitor for my latest Mac Book Pro. BUt, the display port did not fit into my i mac. Well, what should I do to get my i mac work as my monitor for my macbook pro ? Thank you!

I think there is no problem with a Mac Pro.

How to set up multiple monitors with your Mac

Just try before with the graphic card: I would be really grateful if you can answer my question: I have three 27 inch apple cinema display model A, bought around at three locations which I connect my MacBook Pro mid model which I connect with the cinema screens everyday. I just bought a new MacBook Pro 13 inch three thunderbolts, 3 ports. I even went to the apple store and they exchanged the adapter, however it still does not work. I called apple care and they said the older Cinema Display does not work with the new MacBook Pro with touch bar… I really need to know how I can keep using the Cinema Display which works perfectly.

The people in the apple store said the display should work with the new MacBook Pro… I am wondering if I need to change to a different adaptor, like one from USBC to mini port… But I read that mini display port should with thunderbolt adaptor… Look forward to hear any inputs! And i think without USB, you cannot change brightness. I have a iMac It has mini display port. I now also have a iMac with thunderbolt. I want to use the most recent iMac as a monitor only as the spec on the older one is much greater. Can I do this? Maybe mini display cable will? Thank you and have a nice day.

My early 09 pro, which is malfunctioning will act as a external when booted in target disc mode, the 2nd Mac Pro has a thunderbolt port, I this case can I use the mini display port and connect via thunderbolt to the working Mac?

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I have a mid iMac and a mid iMac both Is there ANY way to connect these? Can I use the iMac as the display for the Mac Pro? Can I come out of the display port on a dual core duo mac mini into an external GPU to improve the graphics? Long answer: It works only with Mac mini with Thunderbolt and later , and you must modify system files with a script. The iMac has a thunderbolt port. Firstly, is it actually possible to use the iMac with this laptop? Many thanks. To do that, you must have Thunderbolt on the two side. If yes wit lh what kind of cable?

How to Connect 2 Monitors to a Mac Mini

Thanks a lot. Do I need a Thunderbolt-toThunderbolt cable, instead? Or do I have to find a Firewire solution? Site web ou blog. Thunderbolt and Mini DisplayPort: Specifically, a Mini DisplayPort adapter runs on a Thunderbolt plug. However, there are some differences. Of course, all Thunderbolt machines carry the sound on Mini DisplayPort. Concerning the screens: Last but not least, the Target Display mode. I hope everything is clear, if not you may ask your questions in the comments.

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Pierre Dandumont dit: You can use 3 external monitor with Retina 15 inch, i have tested that. For the sound, you can choice the output on the Preferences Panel. Callum dit: Guidance would be highly appreciated. Amirul Hafidz dit: Sikkxxx dit: Khanzio dit: Marianne dit: It will not work. Only use Thunderbolt cable with Thunderbolt computer.

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Robbe dit: Mike dit: Hi Pierre, please can you help me with a query: JLM dit: Alison B dit: Hi Pierre, My query is this: It works only with iMac 27 inches from and many models with Thunderbolt. Jiggy dit: Michael Schilling dit: HS dit: Appreciate any suggestion. Does the Mac Mini work with dual monitors?

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