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Choose the physical keyboard layout on your computer below for more details:. The Cameroon keyboard has been adapted to use touch-based features when used on a touch device, such as an Android or iOS phone or tablet.

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The following sections will explain use of the touch features of the Cameroon Keyboard. If you plug in an external keyboard to your Android or iOS device, the keyboard will respond to the keyboard as it would on a desktop or laptop computer. The Cameroon Keyboard works like most Android keyboards.

Tap a key to type the displayed letter. Long-press a key marked with a dot to access hidden characters.

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If you choose to connect a physical keyboard i. See the Physical Keyboard Section of this document for instructions and combinations. View this page in English Chaque fois que vous avez besoin de la touche CAM, tapez la touche! Si vous tapez la touche! To take advantage of the unique features of each device, the Cameroon AZERTY Keyboard behaves differently on physical keyboards and touch screens, please choose your interface below: If you tap the E key once, you will get a lowercase "e".

Sometimes you may need to use two keys to get the letter you want. It is used to type capital letters like this: If you hold the Shift key and tap the E key once, you will get a capital "E". The Cameroon Keyboard is special, and it is possible to type other Characters not printed on your keyboard using the "CAM" Cameroon key.

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Each time you need the CAM key, just press! To get the special characters shown on the right side of each key in the chart like this: If you tap the!

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