How to open ie pages on mac

Thankfully, web standards, as promoted by the World Wide Web Consortium W3C , have become the gold standard for both browser development and website building. But there are still many websites out there that were originally built to work only, or at least best, with specific browsers, such as Internet Explorer. Here are the ways you can view and work with just about any website designed for specific browsers, including IE, Edge, Chrome, or Firefox, on your Mac.

How to View Internet Explorer Sites on a Mac

The reason this works is because, in the past, web developers would target a specific browser or a specific operating system when they built their websites. Using a different web browser may allow the website in question to look correct; it can even cause a button or field that refused to show up in one browser to be in the proper place in another.

Safari has a hidden menu that provides a wide range of specialized tools and utilities used by web developers. Two of these tools can be very helpful when trying to view non-cooperating websites.

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But before you can make use of them, you need to Enable Safari's Develop Menu. Safari's Open Page With command allows you to open the current website in a different browser. This is actually no different than manually launching a different installed browser, and then copy-pasting the current website URL into the newly opened browser.

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Bottom line Web development can be especially tricky when using a Mac, but thanks to tools like Microsoft's RemoteIE, it's becoming less of a headache. Get our content first.

How to Use Internet Explorer on Mac

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How to View Internet Explorer or PC Only Websites on Mac

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Safari can mimic many types of browsers

Web development can be a complicated business. We now live in a world where a responsive website is absolutely essential. Not only that, but it needs to look good and function correctly across a multitude of devices including everything from smartphones to televisions. This means that a successful website must stay true to the original specifications regardless of browser, device or display size.

How to Access Internet Explorer or PC Required Websites on Mac

It's a long shot, but if you're just not getting in the front door, you might be able to trick the site into thinking you are using IE. You won't actually be using IE, but the site may see IE in the User Agent string you present and let you in to work on that form. Should probably use the latest, 9. Don't forget to set it back to the default when finished with that form--if it works.

1. Remote IE

Page content loaded. Oct 13, 6: There has not been a version of Internet Explorer for the Mac for a decade. Unless you are also running Windows you are spared from that disaster! There have not been any updates since then, and most important, nor security updates. It would be extremely risky to run it on a Snow Leopard platform, see: Oct 13, 8: Oct 16, I'm trying to fill out an online form that specifically states: Is there any other alternative to IE on mac?

Or do I just need to find a PC? If you cannot fill out a form, usually other settings security or privacy settings, in most cases for cookies and Java are interfering. Do you trust the site, that displays the form? Oct 17, 4: Install Windows or Linux into VirtualBox. If the form requires ActiveX to function, then the only browser that will work is Internet Explorer. And that doesn't include the old Mac version, which didn't have ActiveX. Any and all web masters who still build sites which require ActiveX to work should be fired yesterday.